A collection of sleepless nights on starched sheets, I didn't clean.

Cushions I hugged on beds I didn't make.

Dresses I never iron of the clothes I didn't own. 

Armoires I stashed myself away in of furniture I didn't buy.

Hallways, I ran down of apartments I didn't rent. 

Haircuts I attempted and Tattoos I covered up.

Pictures I didn't take on the cameras I built. 

The excessive coffees I drank at the jobs I didn't apply for.

The staircases I fell up and ladders I didn't climb. 

Buses I've slept on and ships I didn't sail.

Boys I didn't sleep with and girls I wish I'd kissed. 

Children I raised and taxes I didn't pay.

The candy I stole and people I hide from

Mornings I slept in  HOTELS I DIDN'T PAY FOR