New Lexicon

The faces you are watching are not watching you. These closed-eyed bodies are caught in their own moment of shock; being hit in the face, the nervous laugh, and uncomfortable silence.

Traces of changing faces, citizens migrating through different landscapes, forests that transform into paper, which turn into stacks on the desk of the immigration officer. This intense point of confrontation against a body of water suggests that these people are exposed and vulnerable. Because they are still ecosystems integrating a new habit into a preformed one.

The “baptismal” process is used in the development of the photographs, with each person being systematically bathed in sacred water, coffee, and wine. But this blow of water is not a realization of an all-mighty power, in the end, we are still outsiders, foreigners facing for the first time a new lexicon.

Prints from the SUBMERGE exhibition at Oratorio San Carlo in Castelfiorentino with the IQB Collective